Heading into the New Year Continued Again!!

Tuesday, Scan day, Blood Test and then Oncologist phone call.

I have found the past few days so tough! A rollercoaster of a ride, but the ride continues! it has it's scary times, it has it's laughs and it has it's emotional breakdowns, and all of this is necessary..... for we are working towards a positive outcome.

Amazingly only 30 minutes after Dal got home from the hospital on Tuesday he received the call from the oncologist, with news that is nothing short of miraculous. The tumour in the liver has further shrunk to about 6mm, the oesophageal tumour which previously shrunk is now stable. She stated that we should not be alarmed by this, it is possible it will stay that size, but with less cancer cells Pray

The CA19-9 is now at 14 -  healthy person range!

We know Dal is far from your normal healthy... he is though far from your normal kind of guy Sunglasses   The oncologist advised us that she was definitely more excited than we sounded Upside down

Treatment to change after today's session..... a port to be placed in his chest, removal of the picc line and this would mean, that this would only need monthly flushing.... we don't know much more about this but maybe he will find out more later on today....

Our prayers go to the universe, and we WILL DAL WELL,  we can only focus on the blessings we are given in a difficult situation, it may not be the way for everyone...but (although i spend everyday being scared) we know we are doing everything we can do help the medical treatment.

The oncologist said " we can't take all the credit, what ever you are doing is working alongside what we are doing" it is amazing to have such a positive outcome, we would only offer the port in the chest if someone is heading in the right direction, and you certainly seem to be!"

Blessed Be....Please continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers for Dal, this all plays a part in his healing   Thank you xx