Further to the scan findings

It always surprises me how time can go so fast, and yet feel so slow, both at the same time. Clock

We received a call from a man at the hospital on Monday 20th advising Dal that his chemo had been rescheduled, cancelled for September 24th, rescheduled for the 1st October, no reason as to why, just that it had... but he was still to go in for his nurse assessment on the 21st.  So the Tuesday comes, and transport takes him to hospital, where after sitting around for hours the nurse tells him that he had no reason to be there as he was not having treatment (well, she said this once Dal told her the appointment for chemo had been cancelled).

After waiting for transport and coming home around 7pm,  Dal was extremely tired from just sitting and waiting since 8am in the morning, I felt so angry for him... every day is a blessing and this day had just been wasted,,, such a shame! We had hoped that the nurse assessment would give him some understanding of why things had been cancelled, but the nurse was not able to provide anything, so we continued to wait to hear some more. By Thursday we had decided that we would unlikely hear anything now until the pre-arranged 6 weekly consultation with the oncologist on the 27th, and we were right.

Oncology call confirms that there is inflammation in the lungs, (for me there is a difference between inflammation and infection, but I may be wrong) though she is not worried regarding the cancer as Dal seems to be holding his own when it comes to this... all his vitals and bloods are good and the tumours remain responsive to his treatment, so, we have to wait to hear from the lung specialist...

Appointment over the phone with the cardiothoracic surgeon, on October 6th.  (Breathe Lowe' Breathe! I thought I was worried about the word infection Sweat)  so just a few more days of being patient, that's all... and we will know more.

Keep your fingers crossed for us please. Fingers crossedPray