End of April update (2022)


I said that I would keep everyone informed of how it went with the Oncologist... 

This appointment was a face to face conversation for Dal and his Oncologist, as previously mentioned Dal is doing amazingly well and he has been told that whilst he is able to continue to manage the Chemo/Targetted therapy as well as he is, he will continue with this treatment. 

All Dal's bloods are good, actually they are amazing, based on his original markers in May2020   

May 2020 blood-markers were  - CA19.9 (carbohydrate antigen 19-9)  = 4158  and CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) = 34

April 2022 blood-markers are  -  CA19.9 = 10 and  CEA is <1

The tumours in the liver and lungs are minimal and the lymph are very good at present so, we continue to be blessed. 

Dal's oncologist is really pleased with his reaction to treatment, she says she is truly amazed as to how well he is doing,  but does not mention anything to suggest that there may be any form of operation or treatment change in the future.. whilst Dal continues to defy the odds and fight back, everything is good and we continue to be blessed. 

After watching a documentary on mushrooms in October last year , Dal decided to try for himself , now we don't know whether they are making a difference and assisting him, but we do know that they are not doing him any harm, so he continues with these, with his sound therapy and meditation, this combined with his treatment fortnightly and his positive mindset has certainly worked for him... Whatever works for you or your loved one is good, no matter what works for others, or what others think, stay focussed, try as best as possibe to remain positive ... there is always hope.