Early August Update

Things have been going ok for Dal since he came out of hospital, he has had some swelling on his knee which is unexplained, but an ultrasound on his entire leg proved that no blood clots were present, so we continue to monitor this. 

We took a camping trip to Somerset, just a long weekend, it is amazing what a short trip away can do to make you feel better about life in general. 

Treatment continues - just about to start treatment number 57!  It's hard to believe everything that we have been through since diagnosis in May 2020, how super strong and focused Dal continues to be.  Treatment can be tough at times, and Dal seems to get more cuts and grazes when doing basic things. It is important to remember that he is on blood thinners, (it's easy to forget that this is part of the treatment) so he has to be sure to take it easy. 

We give thanks every day, we know that we have been lucky, and continue to be lucky, sometimes because of how well Dal is doing it leaves my mind that he has the diagnosis that he has, but in many ways that is a good because I clearly remember when that knowledge stayed with me 24/7.

There is always hope that Dal continues for many years, especially the way he is going, let's hope he can keep managing his medication Fingers crossed

  • Very good to hear that Dal is doing well! It's also great that you went camping. My husband just got his second FOLFOX treatment today and is doing okay. But he will not be getting Herceptin because the HER2 test came back negative. Wishing Dal and you continued wellbeing. 

  • Never give up hope on Herceptin, Dal was initially told he was HER2 negative... anything is possible. I am pleased your husband is doing ok and his 2nd treatment seems to be going well... Stay positive, stay focused.. 

    Good Luck


  • Thank you, I will keep that in mind! Hubby is getting a liver biopsy next week for the mets they suspect. We will ask them to retest for HER2.