Early April update

Just a quick update 

March Echo scan seemed to go ok, (waiting on oncologist to phone and let us know more)  and still waiting on CT scan appointment which seem to be taking longer now, we imagine this is caused by the backlog of Covid and lockdown.

Dal still has occasional glitches when eating, (which I think I find more scary than he does) and still has nosebleeds a few days after treatment, this is one of his main on-going side effects.

Sometimes he is tired, but mostly he just continues to keep busy, working 3 days a week, still from home, and doing his sound therapy and holistic treatments, which make him feel good and keep his positive energy high, he really is amazing. 

We managed to grab a week away to Spain in March and that was lovely, feeling warm and getting a bit of colour really lifted our spirits and we had a fantastic time. 

Since coming home, we have decided to take on the Cancer Research Shine Walk, Half Marathon in September, our girls and one of their partners will be joining us and it has been very humbling to have reached over £1200 in sponsorship in just 4 days of reaching out to family and friends.  We are raising money for Oesophageal Cancer and we are grateful to be able to give something back to such a worthy cause.  We know that everyday is a blessing and anything can change, but for now we remain positive and we want to continue making plans for our future, and this is one way we can keep up the execise, which is sorely needed after the past few years of limited movement. 

Next oncology call April 26th - hopefully Dal will  have had the CT scan by then. 

Take care everyone, keep fighting the fight... 


  • Hello Lowe. Good to follow your blog. Could I just ask you, has Dal's treatment seen off the secondary metastases from when he was first diagnosed, or are they reduced or 'stable'? We just had my hubby's mid-term CT scan and the nodules on his liver and lung (only 3 in total and measured in mm. Secondary to oesophageal tumour) are unchanged. We have 2-4 more cycles to go and wonder whether it is likely they will continue to stay same or maybe shrink. Helpful to know what happened in Dal's case, which was initially similar. 


  • Hi Martha

    Thank you for following I hope it helps in some way.

    As far as we are aware (And Dal will confirm with the Oncologist at the end of this month) all other sites other than his Oesophagus have negligable signs of cancer, by this we are told that they can no longer be seen on the scan, the Oesophagal tumour shrank and has remained stable.  The Herceptin is (I believe) the main cause of this.    

    I would hope that your husbands treatment would continue for as long as  1, it is working and 2, he can tolerate it. 

    Do not be afraid to ask the Oncologist what their plans are. 

    I know it it difficult to fight the fight, but I am sending you both strength and hoping that you can keep your positivity high. 

    Best of luck


  • Hello Lowe, I always come and read Dals updates, it does make me smile and gives me hope. I poster almost a year ago now when my Dad was diagnosed with the same as Dal. My Ada’s is doing good, he’s currently on Taxol and it’s reducing the lung and liver which is good.

  • Sorry, I clicked too soon then. Anyway, sending love and positive affirmations , take care Gemma xx 

  • Brilliant news Gemma... so pleased to read things are going well xx