Biopsy Update

Sorry to leave everyone hanging and delaying the update of our blog, we have been waiting on updates and results which we received on Monday. 

The strangest of things happened : As you know if you have been reading the blog, Dal was called in for a pre-assessment early, which included a CT scan of his chest / lungs in preparation for the biopsy surgery on Saturday 30th October. 

Surgery day comes, and we are up at 04.45am as Dal had to shower in a antibacterial, decontamination wash, (a standard thing now for operations apparently) and we waited for transport to take him to the hospital. On Arrival he was given bed 13, unlucky for some,  but as Dal was born on the 13th he was quite pleased about it, and he settled down to wait for the thoracic surgeon.

Any way the most amazing bit of information was past to Dal by the specialist, there would be no biopsy, they would however continue to carry out a procedure which would enable them to swab the lungs and take culture samples.   

So why no biopsy you ask? (As I did!)  

Well it seems that on the June CT Scan something showed up on the lungs, in the September during that CT scan that something, became a cause for concern.. On Wednesday  27th October when the scan was taken for surgery images, there was no cause for concern, it had all but vanished. 

On receiving the call from Dal's oncologist this Monday she said " "seems you had a wasted journey the other week, you managed to heal yourself between our last call and the surgery"  and there was no sign of fungus from the swabs! What can we say, this is nothing short of amazing! Heart eyes 

Dal's cancer continues to be stable, he continues to have great blood results and it seems his chemo is to continue...  Great News!

So what did we do in those weeks following the announcement that there was black mass on Dal's right lung, what changes did we make, was there anything new that could have attributed towards such outstanding results? 

1. Music and Crystal healing (not new for us, but continued and with new larger singing bowls which a person can stand in. 

2, Foods containing high anti oxidants (continued and probably increased as we had fallen back a little on the smoothie routine)

3, Turkey Tail mushroom extracts (capsule form) high antioxidant  (New) 2 x capsules daily... Do your own research .... 

Dal meditates, and does Qigong exercise which he follows on a youtube channel, either 8 or 20 minutes a day depending on how he feels . 

Keep positive everyone, keep us in your thoughts if you will .. so grateful to be sharing good news with you all.