Viewing groups - which do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

It’s Ellen here from the Community team. We are hoping to get your thoughts on a change we are thinking of making to the way you currently view groups. We’re looking at making this change based on some of the feedback we’re seeing across the site, and within the feedback survey.

You’ll see a poll below this post, where you can vote for what you like best.

Currently, when you go to your group, you see a list of discussion titles. This is shown in picture A below. This view allows users to see the title of the discussion, but they need to click into the discussion to see any of the posts there.

The other option we have is to change this view so that when you go to your group, you see the latest activity within the group. This is shown in picture B below. This view allows users to look at the most recent posts within the group, without seeing the discussion titles.

The future plan would be to have both views available at all times and users can select whichever they would prefer. In the meantime though, we are only able to use one or the other.

Which would you like to see in your groups? Use the quick poll below to let us know.


Picture A, view by discussion titles

 Picture A, screenshot of a Community page viewed by discussion titles

Picture B, view by latest activity

Picture B, screenshot of a Community page viewed by latest activity

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  • Hello, I agree with 

    Please do not take us to the beginning of the thread not only is it crazy making but if the first message is long only one or two messages are on the page. 


  • The only downside of (A) is that some people give their threads weird/unhelpful titles - but I'd still prefer that to a huge table of contents that would take hours to scroll through!
    I also agree that 'most recent first' is the way to go; it's pretty much standard these days and recognises that many threads change the topic as they go along.

  • I take it the poll has closed, as there's no way to vote!
    I'd have gone for (A).

  • I don't mind which is used as long as the latest posts are at the top. It is no help at all showing the opening post, especially from long ago, as the discussions change as they go along. As TVman has stated, the person who started a post 3,4, or 5 years could have passed away but the discussion goes on, it is very upsetting and reminds us just how vulnerable we all are. Especially in the Living With Incurable Cancer Group!  It would be helpful too, if how to access things were labelled! 
    I'm just pleased things seem to be getting sorted out as I was unable to sign in for months! Annette x

  • Thread of post would be better with last one shown, not the start of the thread which I found in some cases is years old.