Viewing groups - which do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

It’s Ellen here from the Community team. We are hoping to get your thoughts on a change we are thinking of making to the way you currently view groups. We’re looking at making this change based on some of the feedback we’re seeing across the site, and within the feedback survey.

You’ll see a poll below this post, where you can vote for what you like best.

Currently, when you go to your group, you see a list of discussion titles. This is shown in picture A below. This view allows users to see the title of the discussion, but they need to click into the discussion to see any of the posts there.

The other option we have is to change this view so that when you go to your group, you see the latest activity within the group. This is shown in picture B below. This view allows users to look at the most recent posts within the group, without seeing the discussion titles.

The future plan would be to have both views available at all times and users can select whichever they would prefer. In the meantime though, we are only able to use one or the other.

Which would you like to see in your groups? Use the quick poll below to let us know.


Picture A, view by discussion titles

 Picture A, screenshot of a Community page viewed by discussion titles

Picture B, view by latest activity

Picture B, screenshot of a Community page viewed by latest activity

Have your say

  • Please arrange it so we don’t get sent to the beginning of the thread each time we click on it. So very tiresome. Thank you.

  •  Why is it necessary to see the first post in a discussion that may be many years old and be from a member who has since passed away and could be upsetting for some.

    Similarly it may be from someone who caused upset to some and has since left the community.


  • Ideally, I'd like the discussion with the most recent posts to show in order; and when I open the thread to go directly tomwhere I last read up to as most other forums I use do... 

    It seems to me that all these changes have not been very user friendly, and the result is less traffic?  I know I have posted less frequently myself as finding things has been somewhat awkward.  Thats of course only recently as there was several weeks when I couldn't post at all.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful, I am sure you are all working very hard behind the scenes, but at times I feel like you have updated my favorite Tudor village pub with formica and stainless steel.