Sick of all the bad news? Our members have a plan!

As the dust starts to settle after the lockdown announcement, we all begin to face the reality of a few weeks, maybe even months, at home.

Everybody’s situation is different, the challenges of living alone are very different to those of large families suddenly locked down together. One thing that's undeniable though is that those affected by cancer are certainly impacted more than most by the coronavirus.

A bright image of a cloudy yet sunny sky over a field of sunflowers.

It’s important now more than ever that we pull together as a Community. The not so breaking news we’re delivering today … is that this is already happening! Check out just some of the many examples below.

Our daily Boris Break Tit-Bits  - A space for sharing your feelings and staying connected.

Lockdown......don't panic......  - Lovely post by one of our members living in France, who are of course further down the line than we are in dealing with the Coronavirus.

self isolating/refraining from social contact  - Our members coming together to support each other through isolation. 

Coronavirus good things - started this thread, why not help and add to her list? 

Don’t hesitate to link any other threads you’re finding helpful in the comments here, we couldn’t possibly link them all. 

As always the Community team is here to support you, never hesitate to reach out to us for support at

Macmillan have a dedicated coronavirus page now which is here

The official NHS guidance can be found here

If you feel like talking to someone on the phone, why not give our support line a call? They’re still available Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm on 0808 808 00 00

Thank you all for the positivity and let’s get through this together!