Prostate Cancer - How does our Community help?

Prostate Cancer - How does our Community help?

March marks Prostate Cancer awareness month. You may have seen Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City Football Club, donning the famous ‘Man of Men’ badge as well as billboards in various sports signposting to Prostate Cancer UK. According to Prostate Cancer UK, 1 in 8 will encounter at some point, however those odds are increased to 1 in 4 if you are black. It affects a lot of members in the Community; however, what kind of support is available for members on the Community? So in this blog, let’s take a deep dive into Prostate Cancer and how members support each other on the Prostate Cancer forum.

As we nestle into the middle of March, we are also in the middle of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. This month has been highlighted to provide the information, signs and symptoms to look out for in the most common cancer that those with a prostate, can encounter.

You can find more information on Prostate Cancer via the Macmillan website. This link contains valuable information such as what signs to look out for and what treatments are commonly used to treat the cancer. It’s always important to note that if you feel something unusual, it’s important that you see your GP. Using the internet to search for your symptoms is often a worrying experience, that’s why if you have any doubts, you should get examined by a medical professional.

You can access our Causes and Risk Factors page, the information on this page has been put together by our Cancer Information Development team and it aims to provide you with a good understanding about what you can do to try and limit your chances of getting prostate cancer.

After getting the initial diagnosis, it’s not only the prostate that can be affected. Things that are maybe taken for granted every day, tend to become a little more difficult. The effects can be tough both mentally and physically. With the right support however, it is possible to revitalise your spirit and get ready to tackle the day once more. That’s where the Prostate Cancer forum comes in.

Here are some wonderful examples from the Community on how its members support each other. Whether it’s replying to someone directly or even just sharing your experience, there are a number of ways to support someone who may be going through a similar experience, without you even knowing.

Members have found it very beneficial to discuss topics, one member states in the Prostate Cancer forum:

“Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback and support. We find this group crucial to our mental health, insightful and as important as treatment itself.”

Online Community Member, Prostate Cancer forum

One popular topic is how sex is affected with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Some of our members can go into detail on how sex life has been affected., for example:

“I’ve had the surgery, and 10 weeks on am dry and have returned to a full and active sex life, albeit with the help of the blue pill. The only difference is dry orgasms which feel slightly different but no less pleasurable.”

Online Community Member, Prostate Cancer forum

Even though they weren’t directly addressed, members often benefit from the experiences of others, for example, one member replied:

“Firstly thank you for your honesty. I have considered suicide from my first diagnosis. It was the fear of not being sexual competent. This has really really helped me. Thank you.”

Online Community Member, Prostate Cancer forum

This goes to show how for you, it may be a general statement to make, but to another member, it may be exactly what they need to hear.

Another example of how powerful interacting with other members can be, one member states:

“Since I was diagnosed, I am a lot stronger mentally than before.  I can talk about my health problems unlike before.”

Online Community Member, Prostate Cancer forum

To conclude, it is important to remember along with diagnosis, people often carry more than what meets the eye. It’s always important to realise how much your words can affect someone. The most important thing of all is our health, physical and mental. No matter how you’re feeling, remember, you are not alone. The Community is right there with you.

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