New cost of living resources from Macmillan

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New cost of living resources from Macmillan

Lots of people are feeling anxious about the cost of living crisis in the UK. The media recently reported on a Macmillan survey which showed that hundreds of thousands of cancer patients are struggling with rising costs of living. You can read that article here.

We've also seen members of the Community start sharing some of those worries across the forums.

"My back garden is on a bit of a slope so I no longer hang my washing out as frightened of slipping on steps up to washing line when carrying it, so use my tumble dryer most of the time. Dread to think what my energy bills will be this winter!"

"It is all a worry. I think a lot of us face the dilemma of going without food or heat in the coming months" 

Community members, Express Yourself forum

Here on the Community, you can talk anonymously about your worries with people who understand. The Community can also help by directing you to further expert support from Macmillan.

Today, we're here to share Macmillan new resources to help people with cancer with the cost of living. Learn more about our new resources and join in on the cost of living conversations in the Community by reading through today’s Community News Blog below.

Help with the cost of living and cancer

My question is "what if any, extra help is there to enable me to manage through the cost of living crisis particularly energy bills?” Community member, Ask an Expert forum

Community members share their worries about the cost of living crisis across the Community. If you're feeling concerned, you can join in on these conversations by clicking the links following the quotes. Alternatively, share your experience in your own forums by starting a new thread. 

We have provided some answers to some of the questions you're asking across the Community, so you can all find the support you're looking for.

Macmillan’s Welfare Rights team are the experts when it comes to helping people struggling with money when they or a family member have cancer.  The Welfare Rights team have provided their expertise to produce our help with the cost of living information.

Go to Macmillan’s ‘cost of living’ help pages

More help with the Macmillan Benefits Calculator

'...he is struggling to pay his bills now he’s unable to work, can he get any help?' Community member, carers only forum

 Our online calculator works out which benefits and financial support you are entitled to. We’ve added additional guidance to help you use the Macmillan Benefits Calculator and some more information about what it can do.

Go to the Macmillan Benefits Calculator

New Macmillan Money Guide

'Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction for help with my rent, utilities, water and food. I was recently diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer just over a week ago and my world has completely turned upside down!... My Oncologist has informed me that I will be able to work still, but will have to take 2 days off a week .... I won't be able to pay my bills and still focus on my road to recovery....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!' Community member - breast cancer forum

If you need help finding the right support from Macmillan, we have produced a new two-question questionnaire which can help direct you to the relevant Macmillan support. Follow the link below to take the questionnaire.

Go to the Macmillan Money Guide

Help to prepare for a Macmillan call about benefits advice

'Are you getting any support with what you are going through? Can you contact the Macmillan support people…see if there is anything you are entitled to?' Community member, carers only forum 

If you're worried about money or need advice, our Welfare Rights Advisers can help. Find out what happens when you call us and what you need to have ready.

Get help to prepare for your call to our Welfare Rights team


Macmillan “How To” guides for claiming benefits

'...all the support I got was over the phone and didn't need to go to an office. I am off sick long term thus SSP came to and end however I was supported to apply for benefits which has made a positive difference from relying on an employer. Currently receive PIP and ESA.' Community member, prostate cancer forum

We have now added further practical online guidance to help you apply for Universal Credit and ESA (Employment and Support Allowance). Guides on PIP and Adult Disability Payment are coming soon. Follow the links below to find help with your applications.

Get help with your application for Universal Credit

Get help with your application for ESA

We hope this information is helpful for anyone concerned about the cost of living. Whether it be help with your energy bills, or assistance with any additional costs of living with cancer, Macmillan are here to help.

Read more about assistance with the cost of living from Macmillan:

Have you received support from Macmillan for your cost of living concerns? Why not share your experience on the Community, which might help others find the right support? 

If you're new to the Community and not sure where to start, you can post in our 'New to the Community' forum here.

Please don't hesitate to comment below or email us at if you have any questions or comments. 


  • Hi all. I feel a bit of a wuss complaining. But to me this is a massive thing to me. I have had a double mastectomy and am grateful that I don’t need any more treatment. It’s just that my right side is flat with just a couple of small lumps either end of scar. The left had never been flat and I had lots of seromas drained. my left now looks like a small overhanging small boob and had another one at other end 

  • Hello 

    My name is Steph and I am part of the Community team. I am sorry to hear what you are going through. It doesn't sound like you're being 'a wuss' at all, it sounds like you have genuine concerns.

    Have you mentioned your concerns about your left breast to your healthcare team? You might want to contact your GP or cancer nurse and talk through your worries.

    You could also post your worries in the breast cancer forum here so that members can offer some support and share their experiences with you. 

    In the breast cancer forum, members have recently shared their experiences with seromas here in case it might be helpful to join in with the conversation.

    Macmillan has some information here about how your breasts might look after surgery. If you'd like to ask any questions to a nurse, you can post in the Ask a Nurse session here on the Community. 

    If you’d prefer to talk to someone about your concerns, I’d encourage you to give our Support Line a call.  Our Support Line teams are available 7 days a week, 8am-8pm on freephone 0808 808 00 00email or live webchat.

    I hope you find the support you're looking for . If you would like any further help with using the Community or finding the right support, you can contact the Community team by emailing