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We know how important support groups can be after a cancer diagnosis. For kidney (or renal) cancer patients and loves ones alike, it’s important you have somewhere to reach out for support and connection. Today we’re catching up with our Kidney cancer forum. Whether it’s you or a loved one with a renal cancer (or any other form of kidney cancer) diagnosis, there is always somewhere to reach out for support.

There are different types of kidney cancer. Whilst most kidney cancer diagnoses are renal cell carcinoma, we appreciate it is not always the case and our kidney cancer forum is for all cancer diagnoses related to the kidneys.

In today’s Community News Blog we’re going to highlight some recent conversations from the forum. We’ll also talk about the kind of support you are likely to find, should you join the group. 

Kidney Cancer Support Group

When people arrive at our Kidney cancer forum, they can be feeling a wide range of emotions. People might arrive to the group feeling afraid, looking to hear about others’ experiences.

"I have no idea if it has spread but am going for a PET scan, I am terrified that it has spread, it would be lovely to hear other peoples experiences as this is totally terrifying."

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

Finding someone else who has been through, or is going through, something similar might make you feel better. It can help with difficult emotions to talk to others who have dealt with them too.

"Thank you Claire for your reply. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I feel when we get to this point any extra time is a plus. It’s good to talk to people who understand." 

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

The Online Community, and the Kidney (or renal) cancer forum, is a place you can talk to other people with real lived cancer experiences. 

"Thank you so much, it means so much to hear from someone who has been through a similar experience and I'm glad there was no other cancer."

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

"Thanks and feel relieved to finally find a group of people who have/are going through similar!"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

Cancer Treatment

Across the Online Community, and at Macmillan Cancer Support as a whole, we recognise that people affected by cancer often have concerns around cancer treatment. It might be making treatment decisions, or dealing with side effects, for you or a loved one. This is no different on our Online Community and conversations around treatment are common and welcome. Just remember to steer clear of medical advice or guidance, this is always best discussed with a person's medical team.

"It appears that the choice of treatment will be partial or radical nephrectomy

How different are these as far as recovery is concerned?

How much time is needed off work?

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

Whatever treatment decisions or side effects you, or a loved one, are facing - you are likely to be able find someone who has been there before.


There has been a thread ongoing in the Kidney cancer forum for a while now around immunotherapy. It can sometimes be used as a treatment for advanced renal cancer, among other things.

"Has anyone been poorly during immunotherapy treatment"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

"Hi Chester fc, l posed a similar question last week and got a kind but limited response. I am being offered immunotherapy in May and l'm trying to get some online info. Let's hope a double question will help. Keep the flag flying. Adrian"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

The conversation started slowly but over time it has become a continued place for kindness and support.

"Thanks for those kind words Sandy. Very nice to meet you." 

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

"You are right stick to it …it’s worth it ….it’s working ….bless ya and thank you for brightening our days up and giving us hope."

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

You’ll find this a lot on Macmillan’s Online Community. There are pockets all over the site which become familiarly kind and supportive spaces. Whether it’s treatment for advanced renal cancer or any others concerns, our online support groups are here for you.  

Shared Experiences and Camaraderie

You don’t have to spend long in our Kidney (or renal) cancer forum to see the kindness and support shared between it's members. The comment below was from a recent thread around a partial nephrectomy.

"so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely and supportive message - it's very much appreciated!" 

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

We always hope that the platform we provide here on Macmillan’s Online Community can help people affected by cancer to feel less alone. In the Kidney cancer forum, that certainly seems to be achieved.

"Thank you for your kind reply & for tagging me in the discussion about food woes - it definitely helps to feel less alone with this."

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

The kindness and care for others in the group is clear and apparent.

"Thank you for messaging me, and hopefully we will both get sorted and back on track as soon as poss!!! Good luck xx"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

"Thank you so much for writing, I definitely appreciate the online hug, and send one back to you"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

"I'm sorry to hear you have gone through so much, but very heartened to hear from someone who has gone through it. It's very kind of you to share your experiences and I very much appreciate it"

Online Community member, Kidney cancer forum

Hopefully you enjoyed this peek into what you can expect to find in our Kidney cancer forum.

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