Community guidelines update

"We've updated our community guidelines" is written over a picture of a cup of herbal tea.

We have some important information to share here on the Online Community. We have decided to review our Community guidelines, and have made some changes.

Our Community guidelines are what everyone agrees to when they join the Online Community. They’re in place to ensure that everyone is safe while using the site.

This decision was made based on guidance internally from teams within Macmillan, alongside feedback. These changes concern members organising meetings on the Online Community, sharing medical images and photographs, alongside clarifying what private messages should be used for. 

These guidelines will be in effect from today. You can read what has changed below, or in our Community guidelines.


Events, meetings and group chats with other members

We understand that lasting friendships can form on the Online Community. We appreciate that some members may find it helpful to have video calls or organise meetings in person or group chats with friends they have made on the site.

As the Online Community is a public platform, for your safety and online privacy we ask that no meetings, group chats, events or video calls are organised or promoted within the public groups.

Please be aware that Macmillan are not responsible for your safety in any meetings organised with other members of the Online Community. Any personal information you share privately or meetings you attend is at your own risk.

Private messages

We respect that private messages are between you and other members. However, please be aware that private messages are still subject to our Community Guidelines. Private messages may not be used to solicit personal information from other members, harass or intimidate members or in any way coerce another member. Private messages may not be used to promote research, surveys, petitions, products or services to members on the Online Community.


Members may post photographs on the Online Community within the below guidelines:

Members may not post pictures of medical images of their body, or medical documents. Members may not post a picture which includes what could be considered a private body part, a rash, wounds from surgery or treatment, or blood. The Community team may use their own discretion to determine what constitutes a medical image. The Online Community is not an appropriate place to seek medical advice or a diagnosis.  If you have any concerns about cancer, please seek medical advice through your GP or healthcare team. 

You may post an image of yourself at your own risk. Members may not post pictures of anyone else on the Online Community for their safety and privacy. This is because we would be unable to verify if someone else had consented to an image of themselves being shared publicly online. Members may not post any pictures which could indicate where they live or work, such as a front door, work uniform, or recognisable feature.

Our members’ online safety and privacy is our priority and we reserve the right to remove any images at our own discretion.


Here in the Community team we are always here to help, and we are open to feedback on what might work better for you as a member of the site. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions you have about our Community guidelines, please just let us know at