Stage 2 cervical cancer

Hi I’m new here, Iv recently been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. I’m 30 and have 2 young children. 

I have been told I’ll be having chemo and radiotherapy, but first iv had to have a ct scan to determine wether the cancer has spread anywhere else. I’m keeping everything crossed atm as initially I was told it was stage 1. 

im so scared as to what will happen next and I have so many unanswered questions.

my consultant and McMillan nurse are brilliant but I wanted to see if I could ask anyone living this on their experiences. 

am I going to loose my hair? How long will this be going on for? What do I need to prepare for? 

thank you xx

  • Hi there, I’m going through similar with cervical cancer and am waiting for the staging etc. I can’t answer your question but I’m terrified too. Im37 with two very young children. 

  • Just to say that we will both smash our treatments whatever they may be. You will get through the treatment and you will win at this- we are mummy’s and we have to! 

  • We definitely do!! I feel for you the waiting is the worst bit but you’ve got this! Xxx

  • Wait until you hav scan. maybe you wil only hav radio therapy. I was told brachetherapy but ended up having 25 sessions of radio therapy. does not hurt , had to drink water half an hour before treatment . you hav to hav full bladder. after ct scan , you go for assessment and for me , 2 dots of tattoo , which did not hurt , so they dont hav to set u up every time. for me they kind of drip fed me information. hope this helps, let me know if you got any more questions

  • Hi wait til you hav ct scan. it does not hurt. I was told brachetherapy  but end up with 25 sessions of radio therapy. that does not hurt, let me know what happens and i will try and tell you more