Second oncology appointment

I returned to the oncology department and this time met the lead consultant for breast oncology. This felt a much better meeting where I got more personalised input on my cancer risk and on my likelihood of tolerating chemo. The upshot is I signed on the dotted line and will start May 10th. 4 x EC at 3 weekly intervals followed by 12 x Paclitaxel at weekly intervals. Also 6 monthly infusions of Bisphosphonates for 3 years. I feel so much better having reached a decision, it’s now just a case of cracking on with it. I also was able to get their agreement to putting in a portocath rather than a PICC line, which will make it so much easier for me to stay active once it has healed. That’s being done on Monday. Then it will be radiotherapy so I hope to be on the other side before Christmas.