Relief and frustration

I had my follow up appointment today. Naively, I expected all the disciplines of the MDT to be at the clinic so that it was a one stop shop to agree what happens next, even if it meant a succession of meetings. But no, it was just the surgery team feeding back on the surgery. 

First the relief. “Boris” came out with clear margins and my lymph nodes were all clear. No more surgery is needed. Then the frustration. Apart from having to spend over an hour standing in a corridor outside the clinic because it was rammed, it seemed a tick box exercise to sign me off from that department and pass me down the line. I couldn’t find out anything about the tumour that I didn’t know already, nor engage in any kind of useful discussion about the pros and cons of chemo. 

So we continue to sit with chemo as a “possibly, tbc” awaiting the letter to go and talk to the oncologist.