First oncology appointment

I think I am set to be permanently disappointed. I had my first oncology meeting today. It was yet another appointment where I got little information I didn’t already have - nothing specifically tailored to me, and a feeling that they weren’t very well prepared for telling me much at all. It felt like a production line where I was expected to say yes without getting any real answers. They want me to have 4 cycles of EC administered every 3 weeks, then 12 cycles of paclitaxol administered each week. I don’t feel ready to make a decision. The meeting wasn’t helped by the consultant being off with Covid and the registrar not having answers to several of my questions. Not sure where I go from here. 

  • Sounds pants!    They have to provide the answers to your questions, of course.  Sounds like you may need a repeat meeting with your named consultant which is so frustrating because it's wasted your time. I hope it's nearby?   Can you send them a list of your questions in advance so they can be prepared?  Good luck.  You don't need these complications and delays though. 

  • Hi I am sorry that you didn’t get the answers you need. I hope they will be able to give you answers to allow you to make an informed decision about your treatment. Have you asked to see them again once the consultant is back? 

  • Thanks . I left them with a list of questions at the end of the meeting and I now have another appointment next Wednesday. Hoping the consultant is back otherwise I will request another appointment b

  • Thanks  I have another appointment next week so hope to get more insight then.