EC Round 1 days 9 and 10

It feels like these two days are the transition days back to normality. The Filgastrim injections still leave me with some neck pain but it’s ok so long as I take a paracetamol when I start to particularly notice it. The grinding bone pain in hands and shoulder has gone, and the abdominal wind and bloating is gradually easing. Today (day 10) is the first day since day 5 when I didn’t have to lie back down for a bit after breakfast. I am feeling mentally sharp, if still a little tired physically. No more injections to go.  I hope I am not wrong but this feels like the end of symptoms for this cycle. I am expecting it to take a day or two to get my energy levels fully up, and of course I will have some hair shedding to face. However I have booked my usual cycle of gym classes for next week in expectation I will be ok, and hope to get back to some running and swimming (just one stitch still to fall off the portacath wound).