Arrival of snail mail letter - oncology appointment is in the diary

The snail mail letter from the hospital arrived today, and my oncology appointment is booked for 27th April. I can take someone with me, very difficult choice between my lovely supportive husband, and my doctor niece, who happens to be a paediatrician but has a lot of experience in paediatric oncology and therefore has a good level of subject matter expertise even if children don’t have breasts  

I have another 11 days of normal life to enjoy before finding out what the oncology team have to say about the pros and cons of chemo for sweeping up any babies Boris the tumour might have left behind. Normal life for me involves lots of long country walks, running on our glorious seafront, swimming, doing gym classes, in fact a whole host of things I would imagine it is difficult to do whilst wearing a PICC line and suffering the immediate after effects of chemo. I keep telling myself I must not let my love of immediate life compromise my thinking on what is best longer term. In the meantime, it’s a glorious Easter weekend and life is good.