The Right Shoes for an MRI

Yesterday I remembered that Bette Midler once said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. I loved the sound of that advice! It was (dauntingly) ambitious yet still affordable and conveniently well-timed for my next appointment!

In my case, I wanted to start off modestly, with a simple focus on ‘conquering’ my first MRI experience. But the problem here was that I don’t actually own many shoes. And the few that I do have are mostly fancy MRI-unfriendly ones. The sort best suited to parties (or really terrible experiences in MRI scanners). Frankly, I was pretty disappointed in myself. Why has my shopping history been so wide off the mark? Why on earth did I not search for the right shoes the very moment I heard these words of wisdom? What opportunities I must have missed for becoming a Successful Person! It explained so much, so suddenly!

I needed to come up with a plan of action and a positive attitude. My normal, everyday shoes were still soaking wet from a walk earlier. To make matters worse, a dramatic rainstorm was now belting down outside. Slippers, flip flops and clogs would be absolutely out of the question. And then a flash of inspiration came to me: I would wear my wellington boots to the MRI scan!

All the way to the hospital, my boots squeaked and gleamed. I didn’t have to avoid the enormous puddles flooding the pavements and roads – I could wade right through them with a proud and powerful stride. The boots were perfect! In the end though, I decided to take them off shortly before going into the scanner room. As I’m sure Bette would agree, once a girl has finally found 'the right shoes', she can surely take them off when she wants to as well. Ah, that discovery was liberating.