Stomach Cancer - My journey

by AMLux

I'm 57 years old and have just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This blog is intended for me to get my thoughts together and even, occasionally, rage against this disease.

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  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    20190810 - now incurable

    Stomach cancer metastasis in peritoneum. I have something called peritoneal carcinomatosis. I was told on 4th July that my cancer is incurable. The only treatment they can offer me is more of the FLOT chemotherapy. I will continue to have chemo cocktails every two weeks until the tumour stops responding or my body can no longer tolerate it. I have been...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    20190528 - The Worst has happened

    After my quarterly check up early March, everything was hunky dory. I came back to Scotland for 3 months. I started making plans for the future. Trip to Canada in July, Tenerife with my sister in September, even thought about throwing myself a 60th birthday party in November! Funny how life has a way of kicking you in the teeth when you least expect...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    20181210 - Update

    So, last Monday I had another check up. The oncologist did an ultrasound on my abdomen and said he was happy with how everything looks. Got my 2nd B12 injection and blood tests. Hard to believe that it is a year already since I had surgery. On Tuesday I submitted the stool test for the colorectal cancer screening. I wish I hadn't! My GP's secretary...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    270918 - PET scan results

    I had a PET scan on Tuesday and had an anxious couple of days waiting for the results. Everything seems to be fine. Hallelujah! I also asked about my blood results as I hadn't received a copy. I had been worried that maybe they were not good and that's why they hadn't sent them to me. Tumour markers showed 2 (last time 1.8 and time before 1.6). Naturally...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    030918 - Check up 2

    Almost 9 months post surgery. Where has the time gone? Just completed my second follow-up with the oncologist. He did an ultrasound on my abdomen and all appears to be fine. He did say that he wanted me to have a PET scan in October. Naturally the fear kicks in, so I asked if that was a normal part of the process. He explained that the ultrasound...