Stomach Cancer - My journey

by AMLux

I'm 57 years old and have just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This blog is intended for me to get my thoughts together and even, occasionally, rage against this disease.

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  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    080218 - Two down, two to go

    Just completed the second of my post-op chemo sessions. This was the first time that it was done as an outpatient. Mind you, I still spent all day at the hospital on Tuesday. I was there at 8.15 and was finally sent home at 16.15 with a portable pump to dispense the last drug which takes 24 hours. They were rushing to finish and I think they pushed...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    080118 - One month post-op Pathology Report

    It is exactly one month since I lost 80% of my stomach. I've had little blips along the way with eating but usually because I over indulged! Had my post-op follow up appointment with the surgeon today and he says that I am healing well. He asked about exercise and I told him that I tried to walk a little each day.  He suggested cycling, although...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    221217 - Two weeks post op

    Two weeks ago now, 8th December, I was lying in ICU having spent 8 hours in OR. When I came round I was happy to hear that they had left me with 20% of my stomach. They had managed to perform the sub total gastrectomy by keyhole surgery which was a huge relief. My surgeon had told me that was the plan but also gave me the spiel about how things could...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    071217 - Upcoming Gastrectomy

    Well, I've negotiated my way through 4 sessions of FLOT chemo. Next hurdle coming up is "the biggie"!  In four hours I'll be making my way to hospital and will undergo a gastrectomy tomorrow. Whilst I'm quite apprehensive about the surgery the worst moment was yesterday when I wrote a letter to my daughter incase the worst should...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    CHEMO 4 - 071117

    After a two week holiday in Scotland I embarked on my fourth chemo session or "cocktail" as a fellow patient prefers to call it. Passed without incident other than the inevitable tiredness and the neuropathy. This is the last pre-op chemo. On being discharged from hospital my oncologist gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and said he was...