Stomach Cancer - My journey

by AMLux

I'm 57 years old and have just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This blog is intended for me to get my thoughts together and even, occasionally, rage against this disease.

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  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    270918 - PET scan results

    I had a PET scan on Tuesday and had an anxious couple of days waiting for the results. Everything seems to be fine. Hallelujah! I also asked about my blood results as I hadn't received a copy. I had been worried that maybe they were not good and that's why they hadn't sent them to me. Tumour markers showed 2 (last time 1.8 and time before 1.6). Naturally...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    030918 - Check up 2

    Almost 9 months post surgery. Where has the time gone? Just completed my second follow-up with the oncologist. He did an ultrasound on my abdomen and all appears to be fine. He did say that he wanted me to have a PET scan in October. Naturally the fear kicks in, so I asked if that was a normal part of the process. He explained that the ultrasound...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    070618 - At last some Good News

    Today was the day I was looking forward to and dreading in equal measure - Results Day. I had already received a copy of my blood analysis in the post and a couple of results were out with the norms but since I'm not a medical person..... The doctor told me to turn the page over and look at the tumour markers. It showed 1.8 (should be <5). I...
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    040618 - First Quarterly Check-up

    It is now three months since treatment finished. Today I have my first quarterly check with a CT scan, abdominal ultrasound and blood tests. I've been awake since 5.30am. Apprehensive, moi?
  • Stomach Cancer - My journey

    040418 - First post-treatment Check-up

    Chemo finished on 7th March. After almost 6 months of planned treatment, I've been feeling a bit like I'm in limbo. Had an abdominal ultrasound this morning. The oncologist seemed a bit concerned that the lower part of my liver was a bit rough rather than being smoother like the top part. He said it could have been the machine and he couldn't see any...