Mental illness is making me crazy!

Mental illness - anxiety, depression, fear & despair; sharing my personal journey

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  • Mental illness is making me crazy!

    Ignorance is bliss, or is it?

    Months down the line from first diagnosis, I am now at the radiotherapy stage. Up until now I had not asked many questions about my type of cancer, I have never researched it in books or on the internet & I could not even bring myself to even look at any leaflets (of which there are many as everyone involved in your treatment seems to want to give you...
  • Mental illness is making me crazy!

    Medications that may block the effectiveness of Tamoxifen

    After being told by my surgeon that at some point through my treatment I would be prescribed Tamoxifen & because I take several other medications which include antipsychotics, antidepressants & tablets for anxiety, I decided to research whether my other medications would work well with Tamoxifen & the side effects of Tamoxifen. There are lots of medical...
  • Mental illness is making me crazy!

    Operation easy peasy

    The day of the operation; lumpectomy & lymph node removal, I went through a mixture of fear & anxiety, I cried lots & got myself into a bit of a state but also wanted to push forward & get it over & done with; in all honesty the operation was the easy bit, the radioactive dye injection beforehand was painful, but overall, after waking up from the operation...
  • Mental illness is making me crazy!

    The voices

    I hear voices, I have heard voices since a child. These are not internal voices in my head, these are external voices, as if someone is just behind me or within the same room as me, but they can't be seen, just heard. As a child they frightened me, I was afraid to be alone or go to bed; I was raised in a very religious household so voices that I said...
  • Mental illness is making me crazy!

    Where can you run when theres nowhere to hide

    I awake with anxiety, I can't control it, it controls me; often I'm disappointed that I'm awake, because, I have a far better time whilst I'm asleep. Awake, I have to acknowledge all my fears, doubts & worries & I spend the day trying to run away from them but they are running with me. You can't run from your problems when your problems are you! ...