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Living Life Redefined

Living with my husband's diagnosis of Diffuse, Non-Hodgkins Large B-Cell Lymphoma has brought clarity to the expression "make every moment count". It has also challenged us in ways we never could have imagined we would ever be challenged.

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  • Living Life Redefined

    Just Checking In - 1/16/2020

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and offer my hopes that each of you finds 2020 a year of hope and peace. We are doing pretty good. 2020 started out with each of us coming down with stomach/intestinal flu. I ended up having to go into the ER for some fluids and anti-nausea medication. Terry's "bug" was more of the intestinal type with...
  • Living Life Redefined

    The Things I've Learned 11/27/2019

    I love pictures. The paper ones, mostly . . . the kind that end up in photo albums or in frames that you place in strategic places around the house, on walls or on coffee tables, so they catch your eye as you glance over at them while on your way to the kitchen or to relax in a quiet room. The electronic ones, stored on a computer or on a phone, are...
  • Living Life Redefined

    Everyone Only Wants To Be Heard and Respected 11/26/2019

    Not too sure if anyone out there even reads half of what I post but writing a journal-like record of my thoughts and experiences is my form of “therapy”, I suppose. I’d like to think the things I’ve posted since my husband was diagnosed in 2018 have helped others more than it has irritated. This site has helped me work through so much and I bless the...
  • Living Life Redefined

    Results (sort of), 11-22-2019

    Okay . . . so for anyone who has been suffering the wait with me in my recent blog posts, for my husband's MRI results . . . here's the latest. Last night we were STILL waiting for the results from this past Tuesday's MRI of my husband's left knee. We were pretty sure the results were going to be good news, as it was taking so long to get them;...
  • Living Life Redefined

    Waiting For Results Is The Worst

    Since my last blog post, we have had a couple of developments I'd like to share. Terry's limp/knee pain continues to come and go . . . and the results of his bone density test DID reveal some troubling osteopenia he is now supposed to take care of by doubling up on his Vitamin D and consume 1,200 mg of calcium a day. They suggested supplements,...