"We are still here for you.  Your treatments will still continue in the safest way that we can deliver them.  Your nurses, doctors and therapists are still working to provide you with the best standard of care.  We may talk to you over the phone now instead of bringing you in for appointments, but that telephone conversation is still focused around you.  Please contact your Nurse Specialist or medical team if you are worried – we are still here to talk to you and will support you in whatever way we can."    

Alison, Lead Cancer Nurse 

We want to thank our Macmillan professionals every day for all their hard work supporting as many people affected by cancer as they can, but we think it’s best coming from you. In the current time, it’s more important than ever to show all medical professionals how much we value their compassion and expertise.  In today’s blog, we’re celebrating our Macmillan professionals through the words of those they’ve helped.

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Uhtred in Ask a Nurse

Over 19,000 people have accessed Ask an Expert in 2020, and over 55,000 since May 2019. That’s over 55,000 people who have found support from our Macmillan professionals and Volunteer Specialists on the Online Community in the past year alone. 

Members of the Online Community have found support outside the Community from our Macmillan professionals too. 


“You don’t have to face this alone, Macmillan Cancer Support and Breast Cancer Care both have wonderful nurses at the end of the phone and they really care and listen giving you great advice and understanding. They have really helped me to get through the last few months.”


“i was and am fortunate in that a Macmillan nurse counsellor already knew me (from when I helped in the early stages of setting up the unit for blood cancers) and she is always happy to have a consultation. (Not easy to book one, bless her, as she’s in demand!) I saw her a couple of months after my surgery as I was finding it a bit tough. She then said she’d see me even 10 years down the line if I needed it! I’m not sure she’s fully trained as a counsellor but she’s got such a huge amount of common sense and a wonderful way of making you sort it all out for yourself!” 


“had amazing support from Macmillan and district nurse, mum has always supported Macmillan and said how amazing they well it’s true. I can’t thank Macmillan enough as the support I receive and just to be asked how i am doing makes such a difference” 


“I have used my Macmillan nurse, Lynda within appointment meetings, which has been incredibly useful. Lynda simplifies the discussion that I’d just had with the medic and turns it into bite size chunks that are more understandable. She’s incredibly approachable and someone you know you can contact to discuss any part of your treatment. I’ve also rung Lynda on the phone on a number of occasions if I ever wanted to query anything to do with my treatment. Lynda has provided loads of info regarding my cancer diagnosis from finance advice to good websites to visit.” 


When Kate was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 30, she had a million and one questions. Thankfully her Macmillan nurse Vikki was there to answer them. ‘Vikki stopped me from spiralling into despair. She caught me before I got there.’

And Vikki was still there for Kate when she took early retirement from the police force to have treatment. ‘There were days when I wouldn’t even speak to someone until I picked my daughter up from school. So I did feel lonely, and isolated. But Vikki was always on the end of the phone. And if she didn’t know the answer to a question, she’d find out and ring me back.

‘I felt like Vikki was always on my side, fighting her best – even when I was told the cancer was incurable. She’s a little angel really.’

Now Kate, her husband Ian nd daughter Grace are trying to stay positive and enjoy the time they’ve got together. In fact, Kate says she’s that happier than ever. And that’s got a lot to do with Vikki. ‘I felt like Vikki was a friend rather than a nurse. I couldn’t have got through it without her, I really couldn’t.’


Would you like to read more? Find out more about Macmillan nurses and check out the Macmillan cancer information team’s blog on International Nurse’s Day to read our Information Development Nurse Teri’s own experiences as an oncology (cancer) nurse.

Do you have a story about your own experience with a Macmillan nurse or professional? Share it in the comments below!