It’s Mental Health Awareness this week in the UK and the theme this year is ‘being kind’.

Today we’re exploring different ways of using shared experience in the Community to help protect your mental health, plus as a kindness to other members.

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We regularly see the benefit of members sharing their perspective, as it can be not only feel helpful to put your thoughts on paper, but it can be such a kindness to others. Finding someone to talk to, who has been through similar experiences can mean so much when you feel scared or alone.

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When member Hartley26 was diagnosed, they posted here in the cervical cancer group for support, but could also see how sharing their story could also be helpful for others.

Starting a blog helped Hartley26 share her experience through diagnosis and treatment plan decisions, to sitting in the hospital awaiting admission for surgery.

You can read through Hartley26’s blog here and I am sure you will join me in wishing them a good recovery following their surgery today.

However you choose to blog, it can be helpful to share, both for your own mental health, but also as a kindness to others.  Member vijster has a very distinctive tone in their blog, using humour to help get through some of the toughest times. Vijster has re-named her diagnosis ‘Colin’ and you can read the amazing blog ‘Colin & Me’ here.

Member JoDec also started a blog in the Community a few years ago:

JoDec still returns to update the story (click here for the full blog), looking back at that time.

I hope that blogging has been helpful in that process, JoDec, and thank you to you and all our members who share their perspective in the Community. Not only can have a positive effect on your mental health, it such a kind way of supporting people going through similar experiences.

Do you use diaries or blogging through your cancer experience? Please do comment below, or email us at to let us know how this has helped you or others.