Private messaging playing up Sent same message 3 times

UPDATE, when I went back there was only one entry Shrug tone1

t‍‍he PM system is a bit flaky, especially for long messages or when more than one is sent, the page usually jumps around on my screen……IPAD

Sent a PM to Positivemum and the same message got sent three times, happened twice Shrug tone1

a‍lso I can’t add a photo from my iPad, the insert image option doesn’t have the upload option ?

  • Hi

    Thank you for posting your question and providing an update. I'm glad there is only one message that was sent in the end. What may have happened is something we've seen on the site before when our 'reply' button was changed.

    A couple of members experienced their posts being duplicated when they clicked the 'reply' or 'send button' more than once. The system then duplicates the post. We haven't had reports of this happening recently or for private messages before so please do let us know if you notice this happening again. 

    I’m concerned to hear that the page was jumping around your ipad screen, has this happened before when using other parts of the Online Community? If you have any more information about this and have any screenshots you’re able to send to this will help us better understand how we can help.

    To post an image on the Online Community from your ipad, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Click on 'Insert' from the menu at the top of the text box. You can then click 'Image/video/file.'
      Text box with red arrows pointing to the 'insert' and 'image/video/file' button
    2. You can then click 'upload' to choose an image.

      Text box with a red arrow pointing to the 'upload' button.

    Looking at the second image ArthurD, did you not see the ‘upload’ button highlighted in this image? If not, could you please let us know the internet browser you are using and if your ipad has had the latest device update.

    I hope the above information is helpful and reassures you that we want to help you use the Community. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We appreciate any additional information you can send to us directly to, and we will do our best to resolve these issues.

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Online Community team