Has anyone  had beam chemo therapy 

My partner has had 6  sessions with rchop  and has been told its not worked very well and he will have to  have intense beam     staying in hopital  . He has two diagnosis   this will start in February 

T cell lymphoma  stage 4 

Anaplastic large  cell  stage 4

They  say   they're very close and has one  or the other  . Confusing  i know 

Thanks for your input


  • Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for asking a question in our Help group’, my name is Rachel and I work as part of the Community team here at Macmillan. Firstly, I want to say how sorry I was to read about your partner’s diagnoses and everything else you are both going through at this time. It sounds like a lot to cope with and I am glad that you have found us here on the Community for some support. I hope you find the site to be a place of comfort and kindness.

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    Kindest regards,

    Macmillan’s Community team

  • Hi Victoria, my name is Kat and my husband is going through this same treatment and this same diagnosis. I can see your post from over 1 year ago and I am wondering, are you both ok? I am terrified seeing my husband going through such a difficult and painful experience and would like to help somehow. I would like to talk to you about all this. Hope you are still fighting x

  • Hi KatK,

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  • Hello  kat . I wanted to rey to you  straight away .  

    So sorry  to hear your husband is having  this set back.  Its so difficult to be the one suffering and  the onlooker .

    Wayne my partner  after 15 months of 4 different types of  Chemo  rchop   then beam  ,then he had a trial immunotherapy , after these unfortunately failed , he was then offered  a bonemarrow transplant , he  managed to have a stranger donate  and this  would be his last chance .  He was veryy unwell , and with his very  condition it was such a hard one to treat . 

    Unfortunately Wayne died on 14th Dec  , it's was such a difficult cancer  and he fought all the way .

    Please don't  be disheartened  every person is so different  he  wS very unwell and his consultant fought for him all the way . 

    I didn't find much help on here  so we just muddled thru ,  

    Any questions please ask   altho I will understand  if  it's not   a good outcome  you .so have thought.  but please this isn't always  the case , Wayne wZ unlucky 

    Best wishes  vicky 

  • Dear Vicky, I am so sorry for your loss. I am terrified by this nasty disease. We are going through hell right now and it is not easy. My husband supposed to come back home yesterday after few months in the hospital but due to another nasty infection is still there. We are fighting, he is fighting but it is so awful to see how he is suffering. It does tear my heart apart. He is also partially paralysed. Can’t believe that few months back he was almost normal…I am deeply sorry for you and Wayne. How do you cope? How have you managed to go through all this difficult time? Sending you massive virtual hug. Best wishes - Kat

  • Hello kat 

    I really am sorry your husband is so unwell , amazingly Wayne was very brave  and accepted  everything  offered even if it made him extremely  unwell . Infection is of course    the worst to treat Wayne had rhem all , he spent long spells in hospital  , but his final week  I bought him home and muddled thru,  he slipped thru the net at  with maxmillian / palliative  Care , but we managed . It's been a very difficult 5  months  without him,  but I had him for 22 good years and that is my blessing and I get comfort from that .

    Just spend every day hoping  but it is not an easy road  and unfortunately   this kind of cancer is so rare,  I just wish we  had people to talk to that had it , but we never found anyone with the same . 

    Please keep me informed I know what  youre  going thru . It  is a hard road  , but   I found writing things down  comforting .  Wayne was a fit 46  year old  and then   this horrible disease.  But to always have hope and we never gave up on that . Kinds regards  vicky