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Hi everyone,

my name is Janice, I am 57 years old and diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma on 23rd December 2021.  This follows my breast cancer diagnosis is February 2021.

I had a full laparoscopic hysterectomy including tubes and ovaries in February and have my 3 month check with my gynaecologist in June.

I am feeling extremely lonely even though I have a good strong family. I feel guilty putting any worry onto them especially as it’s my second primary cancer in such a short time.  I always say I am ok when asked but I really am not.

I had surgery and radiotherapy with my breast cancer no chemo as my onco score was below the limit. I am on anastrozole. I had no further treatment after my hysterectomy and I am so worried there are cancer cells still there. 
I had my bone density scan last week and this shows I have osteopenia in my lower vertebrae.

I feel I have aged 20 years, my body just can’t do what it used to, I can’t walk far without getting out of breath and pain in my hips, I have put on weight and feel like a different person. Will any of this improve?


  • Hi Janice.

    So sorry to hear that you have been through so much.  You’ve come to the right place, there is bound to be someone around who can help you.  There’s a lovely bunch of ladies on here that will have gone through the same as you and they will listen, help and advise you. As well as giving you the support you need right now. even if you just want to have a rant   

    I am only 3 weeks post op so I haven’t got the knowledge you are looking for but I just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to our group.  I’m sending you a big hug. Take care and be good to yourself.   

    Maureen x

  • Hi Janice

    A warm welcome to the group. I am very sorry to hear that you are not feeling yourself and perhaps feeling a little lost with all that has happened.

    There are lovely ladies on here to guide you with their knowledge and experience. I feel that you might be wise to look into speaking with people on Macmillan phone lines. There is emotional support and qualified nurses to speak to and they are excellent. Sorry if I am telling you things you already know as you have been through the breast cancer already. I just feel your pain and wanted to suggest a little extra help. 

    Take care Janice

    Amanda x

  • Hi MarleyJ

    Sorry you find yourself with yet another C diagnosis.  

    I have a friend who has had breast cancer successfully treated then last year was told she needed hysterectomy as cancer cells found in her womb lining.  She was grade 1 stage 1a. She is absolutely fine now and needed no further treatments.  Please take heart that this could be you too! Keep positive and strong.  Hopefully someone will be along with more encouraging stories Pray 

    Take care xx

  • Hi, I am really sorry to hear about this, but, as someone else said, this is a warm and welcoming group. I only joined last week, and am glad I did.  I have experience of gynae cancer, but none of breast cancer, so not sure I'm the right person to advise on that one.  I have been through various ups and downs, health wise, apart from the gynae cancer, and have definitely gone through spells when I felt like I have aged a lot, so I definitely can appreciate where you're coming from.  I am confident that all of us will find that things improve.... Have you plenty of people to chat to who are/have been through similar things? I am also 50 something....if that helps at all.  Might be worth considering starting a thread in the main uterine cancer forum. and also the breast cancer forum, if you haven't done so.  I am sure there will be other lovely ladies who have/are living with both diagnoses/  Sorry if I've not been much help, but sending very warm wishes.

  • Hi . Even if you have the strongest family and friends, nothing can prepare you for a cancer diagnosis and you're on the emotional roller-coaster for the second time. Life sometimes throw the book at us. But you're now in the company of really supportive ladies who know how you feel as we've all been there so we'll help however we can.

    I'm assuming you had no adjuvant treatment following your hysterectomy so when you have your follow-up consultation mention your symptoms about the pain and breathlessness.

    It’s always helpful to others if you write a little something (or a lot) about yourself and how you came to find yourself here. Why not take a few moments to update your profile. It's always helpful for us to read if we want to ask you questions and you also won't end up repeating yourself. You can enter it into your profile (click on your username and select “Profile”) . You can amend or update it at any time. If you’re not sure what to write, just click on my username.

    If you want to ask any of us any questions please come back and do so. There's always someone around and we can offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or listen to a rant, we’re here for you.

    I'd also suggest you join our Breast cancer group so you can support there as well.

    You can speak to someone in confidence by calling Macmillan Support on 0808 808 0000 - 365 days a year 8am to 8pm It's free from mobiles and landlines. The friendly team are waiting to take your call.

    There is also an Ask an Expert section, but you should allow two to three working days for replies from our expert team.

    Sending you welcoming hugs, Barb xx 

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