Serous carcinoma

  • Hello I'm new to the group. My mom was diagnosed with serous carcinoma. Anyone here with any insights on treatment. She is a stage 1 grade 3. Thanks in advance. 
  • Hi gardening guru, welcome to the group! Has your mum already had a hysterectomy, ie are these her post op results?

  • Thank u MarmiteFan59, yes. She has had the op but i feel as though they should have taken the omentun and at the very least take the sentinel lymph nodes. i wonder if anyone has had secondary surgery to remove pelvic lymph nodes. Saw a post earlier of some who had hysterectomy then a few months later lymph node removal. 

  • Hi and welcome to you and your Mum to our group of supportive ladies. Hope your Mum's recovering well from her operation and taking things easy. 

    I myself was stage 1b grade 3 serous adenocarcinoma with no LVSI and 6 lymph nodes sampled = 0

    I was offered optional 3 session of brachytherapy. Ten months later I recurred with lesions on spleen and liver and masses on omentum, above vaginal cuff, peritoneum and pelvis I've just finished 6 cycles of chemo and feel well apart from peripheral neuropathy a side effect of chemo. Sadly I'm now classed as incurable but treatable. I've remained positive despite all of this, I'm 69 and am not ready to give up yet!  

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    It might also be a good idea to download this booklet Understanding Womb (Endometrial) Cancer. I found it invaluable on my journey. 

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  • Hey Barb thank you for taking the time to respond. I'm so sorry to hear about the spread so disheartening but you are right , no quitting. May I please ask where you are being treated at the moment / followed up at the moment. If you don't mind me asking may I please ask how long ago you were diagnosed please. All the very best wishes to you and do keep in touch. My mum is the same age. I wish you nothing but strength to battle this horrible disease. Sending love.

  • Hi gardening guru

    Welcome to the group, there are lovely ladies with lots of experience to guide you. Sending love to your mom. I had 2 lots of surgery. The hysterectomy was done as it was believed that I was stage 1 and the cancer was contained but I had only had an ultrasound scan and biopsy to support this. When lab reports came back the cancer had transformed to high grade in the muscle layer of the womb. This is the reason I have had 2 ops. Click on my name to read my profile for where I am up to now.

    I would say trust your mom's doctors and nurses, cancer doesn't appear to be an exact science, in my experience. The journey is hard enough without battling against them and a lot of information comes from samples during surgery.

    Best wishes to you and your mom,

    Amanda x

  • Hello Gardening Guru 

    I'm stage 1a Grade 3 Serous too.

    I had my op in January 2022 and started 6 cycles of chemo in March 2022 which was optional  as they said my cancer was contained.  After chemo finishes end of June 2022 I will be having 3 sessions of Brachytherapy. 

    I can honestly say the op went well and I had excellent recovery apart from feeling a bit rough few days after chemo I get back on track  to enjoy a normal life.  I still do my admin work. Part time and my employer allowed me to work from home keeping me safe. This is also good for my mental well being. 

    Hope this gives your mum some hope that it's not all doom and gloom and she has an army of friends on this group to help with advice or chat etc if she needs it

    Take care


  • Hi . I've just jumped in on another thread to say I live in Lincolnshire. I was diagnosed in 2020, had the hysterectomy in September and the brachytherapy late October 2020. After I had quarterly check-ups, all face to face with internal exams every time. My Oncologist has said to me he doesn't think my hysterectomy caused my mets, a cancer was already spreading. A huge shock as nobody in my biological family has ever had cancer,

    I often think "How they were missed on my MRI and CT scans prior to my hysterectomy?" but I've seen the scan which showed my 4cm tumour within my womb - it's a mystery.

    I've just finished 6 chemo cycles, scan after cycle 3 showed a 40% reduction so hopefully the scan I had last week will show further regression. Seeing my Oncologist next Tuesday 31st. I keep saying I'm feeling too good to get bad news so everything crossed!

    Hugs, Barb xx

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  • Hi thank you for sharing this info. So sorry to hear they missed the growth on CT/MRI. Praying for the best results ever for you. Keep me posted and hang tough darling. You are inspiring. Let me know how you get on on the 31st . 

  • Hiexcellent name by the way. Thank you so much. Mum and i are very very close and i am desperate to make sure she is ok. I wasn't even aware that a forum like this existed so thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate the advice/ suggestions. Please do keep in touch - mum is not tech savvy so is relying on me to keep her steady. Will read your bio - thank you for sharing your story and best wishes and good health to you. Sending hugs xxx

  • Hi thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the info out there so trying not to read too much of it . It just spells doom and gloom. i would rather hear real life stories of survival and strength. Thank you for sharing your insights - i am very grateful. Best wishes on your journey and do keep in touch. Wishing you good health xx