Appointment with oncologist

Afternoon all,

Just had a call from my oncologist’s secretary and I have a phone appointment with her this Wednesday at 1.20.  I already know the results but I’m terrified of what is going to be said. X

  • Hi . Try and be calm my love - how do you know the results? Do you suspect you know the results? Until you see her you don't know what she's going to say unless they've already phoned you.

    We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow, let us know what she says.

    Sending big hugs, Barb xx

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  • My cns told me my scan results last week so hopefully she will tell me the same as the nurse did and then tell me what is next. I’m more worried about Thursday as have an appointment for the lump near my elbow and the doctor told me it was with orthopaedics but the letter I have says sarcoma clinic. X