Started bleeding

Hi,got my hysterectomy last Tuesday, was told I could bleed for a few day but I never but this morning I’ve started  bleeding is this normal to start bleeding 6 day’s after operation? Xxx

  • Hi  Check with your CNS. I'm sure I've read other ladies have had bleeds but best err on the side of caution and get reassurance from her.

    Hugs, Barb xx

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  • Thanks Barb I’ll do that.

      Jean xxx

  • If it was me I’d call the ward as first choice, CNS as second. Is it possible that you’ve been inadvertently overdoing things?

  • MarmiteFan59 that’s exactly what the nurse  said to me, she thinks I could have been overdoing it. The bleeding has stopped now so hopefully that’ll be it ,gave me a fright so will be resting up more now.

                     Jean xxx

  • Bless you, have you worked out what you were doing that may have been too much? It’s most likely to be lifting, stretching or twisting.

  • Hi Hawthorn, I haven't replied on the site for a while, it's coming up to 3 years since my diagnosis and treatment. I had some bleeding to around two weeks after my surgery, it was very light and only required me to wear a panty liner, when I went for my follow up five weeks after surgery I mentioned it to the consultant but he wasn't concerned, said it was part of the healing process. The bleeding eventually stopped around eight weeks after surgery, it was always very light just smears on the toilet paper. But as the others ladies have said it's always best to check with your CNS.

    Take care.