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Hi, I had a small post menopausal bleed, lasting less than 24 hours, at the end of April.  I saw my nurse practitioner the following day, who took bloods and swabs to rule out infection. She also referred me to hospital for further investigation.  Bloods and swabs were clear.

At hospital I was examined and a biopsy was taken and everything looked okay, although an appointment for an internal ultrasound was requested. Other than the 'spotting', I had no symptoms and don't meet any of the risk factors and I left feeling reassured.

I had a call to go back last Tuesday, to be told I had grade 1, endometrial cancer and I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy, inc. fallopian tubes and ovaries on 30th May. 

They checked for Lynch's and that was negative-he said I am just very unlucky. I am so pleased I had it checked out.

  • Hi . Welcome to our corner in the Online Community. Wow that must be some sort or record the speed at which you've been tested and given a date for surgery!

    My symptoms was also a negligible PMB, pink mucous like spotting I was going to ignore. I'm so glad my bestie nagged me to get it checked out. I'd never had gynae problems other than painful smear tests, had sailed through the menopause with nothing other than hot flushes. Cancer was the very last thing I expected. TBH I'd never heard of Endometrial cancer.

    So good you got it checked out. Smear tests, nor blood tests do not detect this type of cancer. 

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    It might also be a good idea to download this booklet Understanding Womb (Endometrial) Cancer. I found it invaluable on my journey. 

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  • Thanks MrsBJH, it definitely has been very fast! 

    Last week, I was very positive and practical-buying nighties, sorting comfy clothes and organising things. That's totally changed and now and it feels like I'm on an emotional roller coaster! So I'm pleased I didn't have to wait any longer.

    Take care

  • Hi Lola, bless you, I imagine your feet may feel like they haven’t touched the ground! Amazing that you’ve got your date so quickly and also that they’ve already checked for Lynch - my Lynch test was done post op. Have you had your pre op assessment already?

  • In case you might find it helpful, here’s a link to a diary thread I started when I had my op

  • Hi, my pre-op is tomorrow. They checked for Lynch's early because I don't have any of the risk factors. He said they might do some further genetic testing.

    It's not how I envisaged my 50th birthday! I was supposed to be in the sun, sipping cocktails with my family to celebrate. Hopefully everything will go to plan and that will be our reason to celebrate.

  • They’re certainly very organised! I had the BRCA tests post op too. I noticed you said about buying nighties - I wore one once then just wore my PJs when I got home. Amazing to think that this time next week you’ll be all done and dusted!