Back in remission Again

Brief synopsis

Diagnosis CUP  October 2020.  SCC in lymph nodes neck and abdomen.   Six months chemo treatment.  Remission achieved by March 2021.   January 2022 scans showed enlargement of lymph nodes again. No organs involved. Just completed another six rounds of chemo treatment, finished last Wednesday.  Scans once again show back to normal, bloods best they've been.   Yes it's rubbish, this is an awful diagnosis to live with, but it's not a death sentence. The fear is always there, and that's probably the hardest thing to deal with, we know we have it , it's just where. However, I'm not alone, there are several on here and on other groups that are continuing to live life, enjoy family, grandchildren etc.  Hopefully I'll get another year if not more....what more can I ask for when apart from the treatment there's nothing else I can do, try to mentally stay strong, move forwards enjoy life and the hardest bit, try not to worry!   CUP is crappy but there's hope, I and others two years in, are living proof