Hi,  new here... just thought I'd pop on for advice really... my father who is 74 has recently been diagnosed with secondary lung  spine and pelvic cancer with an unknown primary.... we have not been given a time span. Dad has had an operation on his spine to try to ease his pain but it didn't work.... he is now practically bedridden apart from scooting onto commode and back... he has just finished a five day course of palliative radiotherapy and is in constant pain with his back.. also he's developed a very chesty cough... he has carers from home first coming in twice a day(this is what the hospital arranged to get him home. But now there is talk of that stopping and mom n dad having to pay for his carers... is raising right 

  • Hi Barb,  welcome and sorry about the situation you are in.  I suspect the CUP forum is not the best place for advice for you.  However, whilst I can't offer any advice on your father's medical condition I think that, although it may seem unfair, most Councils now charge for personal help if your assets are above a certain level.(you will get medical care free) after a set period of time.  That happened with my Uncle. You can organise that care yourselves and whilst you may not save any money you may get a better standard of personal care and at times that meet your needs better.