Hello.and recent diagnosis

After several.months attending GP with fatigue, pain, weightloss and low blood count my husband came to hospital 4 wks ago for suspected bowel cancer. This resulted in an an emergency bowel op 3 was ago. Last week we were given the devastating  news he has CUP and it's particularly aggressive. We have 2 kids 14 and 7 and as  family  we are devastated. He is only 45 x

  • Hello KP75

    I am really sorry to read that your husband has been diagnosed with CUP after having surgery for suspected bowel cancer, and I can understand why you and your family are devastated by this news. 

    You are welcome here in this forum and I hope that you will also join some other forums where there may be more regular posting, such as Family and Friends or The Emotional Support Forum 

    In time there may also be other forums which may be of benefit, but for now I imagine it is understanding what treatment will be offered to your husband for this particularly aggressive primary,  have you been given any further information?

    My Husband does not have the same cancer as yours, he is slightly older at 53, but it is an aggressive cancer, for which his prognosis originally was 4 to 12 months, we are now in Month 19, he is still undergoing treatment and is back, working from home 3 days a week.. So as difficult as I know it can be, try to keep positive, talk to your husband and focus on winning this fight. 

    It is very difficult for you, especially with the children being so young, my children have grown but I do have two grandchildren under 11 years who live with us, so I can appreciate those difficulties also. 

    Thinking of you all. 


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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  • Hi

    Please stay strong   I was diagnosed with CUP a year ago.  I am still here.  Please keep posting for support and feel free to message me at any time

  • So sorry to hear this.hopefully after the operation your husband has had has removed the cancer they will follow it with chemotherapy  to kill the remaining cells. I know exactly how you are feeling as have been where you are now. My husband was given this diagnosis  in November  2020 after numerous  trips to the doctors with back ache and then months of waiting for scans and biopsies. It is hard  when  people say try and stay strong for your husband and children . Just do your best and you also need help to deal with this.

    Make the most of any good times you get through this awful journey, it will help you get through the treatment.

    Try and stay positive  and i wish you and family all the best xx