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Hi I joined a Facebook site recently for TNBC unaware when I joined it was an American group.  I thought it might be interesting to see if they have similar treatments, or any different treatments to us in UK.  Yesterday I read about a trial which is taking place in USA to test a vaccine to prevent recurrence of TNBC and thought I’d let you know if you aren’t already aware.    It has got to the stage of using humans, one of the Facebook ladies was taking part.  If you google vaccine TNBC you can find info about it too.  

  • Well that sounds great, thank you for sharing. Shame we can’t combine brains across the water and get on with TNBC, using each other’s research to speed up the process. 
    Hope you’re doing ok


  • Hi Himalaya lets hope they are onto something with a vaccine and that it works and it will be available in the UK as soon as possible.  Seems they have discovered a gene which makes a vaccine possible.   
    Im doing ok and hope you are too xx