Radioactive iodine over and done with

Hi All 

I just wanted to share a little good news with this lovely group as when I first joined it was really nice to hear the positives. My daughter has just completed her radioactive iodine therapy. 2 nights in the hospital mostly spent alone without mum( not sure who was sadder there me or her) I felt such relief when that pill was finally in her and working it’s magic. No bad side effects, can’t say she was that brilliant at flushing herself with water and without me there constantly nagging her she probably didn’t wash that often either! Kids eh, but her levels dropped amazingly quick the team said it’s because of her age. She was allowed home today she’s very happy to be back and not have to follow the awful diet anymore. we are all just absolutely wiped out but very happy that it’s done. If anyone can share their experiences with the scan that follows and what to expect she has that on Monday and I have mixed feelings about it would be nice to know others experiences. 

  • Hi. Just wanted to say that I am so sorry your daughter had to go through this experience especially at her age. Fantastic news that it's done now and she can go back to being kid. Take care and tell her we all here think she is just the bravest! 

  • Great news! So happy to hear such a positive post!

    Not has to go through RI myself but due to hear if I will need it next week. 

    Can I ask how old your daughter is? Also how long did you need to wait between surgery and having the RI?

  • Hi she is 11. They told us straight away that she would be having RAI not sure how they knew she would need it but we didn’t question them they told us she needed the full thyroidectomy and the therapy after and we trust they know what is in her best interests. She had the RAI 7 weeks after surgery. 
    I hope your appointment goes well try not to feel too anxious about it it’s not as scary as I had made out in my head. X 

  • Thanks for the info.

    Your daughter is such a brave little soldier. Wish her the speediest recovery! HeartsPray

  • She’s an absolute Little Rock star! I’m so glad her RAI is done and she is hopefully able to be treatment free now Fingers crossed tone1Heart

    From a conversation I had with a MacMillan nurse I think they know RAI will be done in some cases if the person is having a total thyroidectomy? She explained that RAI is done more often than not after TT because it doesn’t matter if it kills normal thyroid cells because there’s no thyroid left and is a good way of trying to minimise recurrence Relaxed

    Interested to know what the scans were like? I’m due to have my RAI soon and was wondering the same x

  • The scan it’s self was one of them that moves around you - she didn’t really like it but she very tired at the time and didn’t really want to be still. We have to wait until the next follow up with endocrine department for some kind of results. But they did say all was as they expected to see and the iodine was working. 

    good luck to you with the RAI x