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My Dad has been diagnosed with Angioimmunoblastic lymphoma today. Could anyone shed any light on his prospects? He is 84, frail, but is due to start chemotherapy this evening.His mental state is up and down, due to low sodium levels.  I'm not really sure he understands what he has signed/agreed to but he seems alert enough to tell me he sees there is no other option. Just a bit of advice would be wonderful. Thankyou

  • Hi  and welcome to this corner of the Community although always sorry to see folks joining us. I am Mike  and I help out around our various Lymphoma groups.

    I don’t have AITL but was diagnosed in 1999 with another rare, incurable but treatable type of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4a and although myLymphoma ‘type’ is different I have experienced ‘the’ treatment journey but not necessarily the exact same drug mix.

    Angioimmunoblastic Lymphoma like my CTCL is on the rare side and is often seen as slow growing (low-grade) but it looks like your dad's presentation is such that it needs immediate treatment.

    Have his clinical team said the actual name of the treatment (chemo) he is getting...... it's often something like CHOP that is used. This treatment is very effective but at his age it will be that more challenging. When I was having my main chemo back in late 2013 into 2014 there were a few folks in their late 70s on the ward having similar treatments as your dad and they actually did rather well.

    The green link above is taken from the Lymphoma Action website. Lymphoma Action are a small but very active UK Lymphoma Specific Charity who have lots of good information, videos and run regular regional online Lymphoma support groups and indeed a very great Lymphoma Buddy Service.

    It's a had time for you all, once a blood cancer like this gets aggressive it does need to be treated to stop the conditions progression.

    I take it that he is having his treatment as an inpatient, this will be good as he will be monitored 24/7 and any alterations or interventions can be done quickly and effectively.

    There have been a few folks over the years post about this condition - You can also put AITL or Angioimmunoblastic Lymphoma into the search tool Mag right near the top and see all the old posts and as always you can hit reply and see if the folks are still looking into the community.

    Always around to answer any specific questions.

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