Hello fellow T-Cellers

Hi Everyone

I've just noticed no-one's posted anything in a month, so I thought I'd just check in say Hi and see how the devil everyone is doing! After all, we're in it for the long haul.

I'm doing well, radiotherapy was indeed a breeze (as advised by people who have travelled this path before me), my tumours have shrivelled - beat that cancer & beggar off I say!! :-)

However, my skin generally is starting to deteriorate again generally, but its comforting to know what it actually is now and know how to manage it.

Hope you're all staying healthy and well?!

Be nice to hear how you're all doing, good (hopefully!) or less good. :-)

Best wishes




    Hi Gail, I just dropped by and noticed you've not had an answer to your post as yet, so indeed it's a very quiet forum at the moment. The Champ here has even popped off on holiday! I'm sure he'll respond when he's back from his well earned break!

    It's good to read you coped well with radiotherapy and your tumours have shrivelled as a result. I've a different type of cancer and Brachytherapy zapped my little devils!

    Sending hugs, B xx

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  • Hello, good to hear that your treatment. Is going well.  I was diagnosed with a T cell lymphoma last December (mycosis fungicides).   I have had radiotherapy and chemotherapy both of which went well.

    I will now be having electron beam therapy in the next two weeks and a stem cell transplant is planned for September.