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BCC on scalp, 8 days post op and swollen face

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Hello everyone,

I had surgery last Friday to remove a recurrence of a  BCC on my scalp. This time they were quite radical and I had skin flaps to cover the area removed and I’m now sporting a Y shaped scar with umpteen stitches in!

what concerns me is for the last couple of days my forehead has been swollen and today my eyes appear to also be affected now by what I can only assume is lymph fluid? 
I never had this first time round, the only thing I’ve found online is this can happen to hair transplant patients! I’m assuming this is normal? Anyone else experienced this following scalp surgery? 
Cheers, Rach

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Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

I haven't had the procedure that you've had and I'm in no way medically qualified so don't know if it's normal for your forehead and eyes to become swollen.

However, it might be an idea to contact the hospital where you had your BCC removed to ask for their advice. I realise that it's now the weekend so you might not be able to contact anyone but you could always ring NHS111 or the Macmillan Support Line for advice. The latter is available on 0808 808 0000, is free to call and manned everyday between 8am and 8pm.

Come back and let us know how you get on


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Hi, thanks for your reply

I was given an antibiotic cream to apply to the stitches 3 times per day and upon reading the side effects it does say it can cause facial swelling.....I wasn’t advised that on discharge from hospital!! 
will keep an eye on it over the next 24 hours and if no improvement I’ll seek advice. It’s not bad....just puffy on my forehead and eyelids