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scalp bcc update

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So I went for my sixth appointment at the plastics dressing clinic on Thursday, it was a mixed bag. The wound at the back of my head is all healed, as well as the site on my neck were the skin graft for my other bcc was taken.

The other larger site on my scalp had started to be a little painful earlier in the week and had started to weep a little, I wasn't worried as there was no smell (sorry to be gross) and it was clear. I knew that some of the graft had failed from earlier visits, when the nurse looked at it she thought it might be infected and went for the doctor. The doctor agreed but wanted the consultants view on it. The consultant had a look and agreed. The site was infected and the whole of the graft had failed and needed to be removed.

The graft was removed, which was painless as the skin had died, the site was cleaned up and dressed. I was given antibiotics for the infection and I'm going back on Thursday for another appointment.

So for some good news, my body had been healing underneath the graft and it didn't look to bad all things considered.

I hope I've not frightened anyone with this post, I'd followed all the post op care to the letter but things didn't quite work out, I was just unlucky I guess.

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Thanks for the update 

That's great news that two of your wounds have healed nicely but not such good news that the site of the second BCC has become infected. However, it sounds like your team are on top of this and it's good that underneath the area your wound is healing even without the graft.


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