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I had a recurring 'sore' on the side of my nose from April 2023.As it still hadn't 'cleaed up by November I made a GP appointment with an immediate referral to the Dermotology dept at my local hospital and received an appt within 2 weeks when a BCC was diagnosed with a follow up appt for a biopsy, the result of which was confirmed as a BCC on  10/01/24....all very impressively quick...except for the subsequent referral for Mohs micrographic surgery later this year in August 2024. Good news I guess as it's not considered serious but should I go privately and get it done sooner...would appreciate some thoughts. Thank you

  • From my own personal experience, if you can afford it, I would go down the private route.  I had two removed from my face 2 years ago privately as the Nhs wait time was so long and they wetre growing and spreading, so needed to be done quickly.  Whilst not considered a dangerous form of cancer if they start to spread they need dealing with asap as they invade surrounding tissues.  Good Luck.  Where abouts do you live x

  • Thanks Harlyn.

    Am lucky as it's only in one place but it keeps re-occuring...annoyingly where the nose pad of my glasses presses so am wearing contact lenses atm. I live n London so referred to Guy's for the surgery. 

  • This is exactly the same place as one of mine was and I thought it was my glasses, until my Consultant did a biopsy.  It grew in the short time I waited for the results, he couldnt believe it.  I had a skin graft on this one with skin taken from the side of my face.  It is ok now but my glasses still irritate it and it feels tight.  I live in the Midlands and went to Nuffield.  Good Luck and keep in touch xx

  • Ah thanks..hope you stay BCC free in the future.. I'll let you know how I got on. 

  • Hello, I had one on the indent in my nose and had it done at Guys. Although individually the staff are great, I would recommend having it done privately if you can afford it.