BCC on cheek worries

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Hi all, my GP told me yesterday that the mark on my cheek looks like Basal cell carcinoma. It appeared 4 years ago and I’d assumed it was an age spot as I was approaching 40. I’m now really anxious and worried that it might be a rare melanoma because she said that she would make an urgent referral to the dermatologist. She tried to reassure me that it looks like BCC but I’ve since been comparing pics on Google and there’s a rare skin coloured melanoma that looks like it too. 
This mark on my face sometimes looks like a raised mole but right now it’s appearance is flat, it doesn’t have a defined border either so that’s why I’d assumed it was an age spot. 

I feel so stupid for having ignored it for 4 years, I’m fair skinned and easily burn in the sun too, I’d just always looked out for dark moles. 
The reason I went to the GP was because it now looks a bit worse, I think I’d irritated it by putting Elemis Tri acid peel on it, It has been itching for a few days since then too. 
please could anyone offer me any insight? The fact that I’ve left it for 4 years I’m really hoping it’s not melanoma, I think I’m looking for some reassurance really because I feel sick with anxiety and have no idea how long it will be until it gets removed. Is it likely to be a BCC because I have had it 4 years, or does the itching and flatter appearance suggest it could be something worse? 

  • Hi there…it’s understandable to be anxious but try not to overthink and don’t spend too much time on Google! I had a very similar situation this time three years ago with a thing on my forehead which I had not paid any attention to for about 5 years until it started bleeding and getting irritated at times. When I finally went to see about it the Gp referred me to a dermatologist and it turned out to be a BCC. I got it successfully removed a few weeks later and now just have a fine scar which most people rarely notice. Hopefully your situation will be much the same and you get sorted quickly. 

  • Thank you so much for your reassurance. I will try to remain off Google! I know I’m my own worst enemy. I am dreading the wait until I see a dermatologist and turning to Google for some sort of reassurance but scaring myself in the process. I go through phases of thinking it will be fine, to fearing the worst. I am such an anxious person, I know it’s going to be hard waiting to get to the outcome, hopefully it’s a BCC, I feel like I’m making myself ill just worrying about it. 

  • Hi Anxiousmole  I understand fully where you are coming from as I was so very anxious by my dermatologist saying I had a bcc and referred me to a plastic surgeon.  I had two removed from my face 2 years ago. One from near my nostril by skin flap surgery and another right under my eye at the top of my nose by skin graft surgery.  I had them done 4 months apart as the one under my eye I thought my glasses had rubbed me (silly me).  I had them both done under locals and I was horrified when I first saw them and thought omg I will be so disfigured.  Two years on and they are hardly noticeable.  I dont thnk you leaving them will have made them worse and they do ask if they itch as bcc's do.  The one I originally went to the Drs with was like a grain of rice that sometimes bled very slightly then would heal over. Even the gp was unsure and treated it first for a fungal infection but after 2 weeks treatment he referred me to dermatologist.  Please feel free to ask me anything that is worrying you and I will try and reassure you. xx

  • Like  I have a spot on my back that I have ignored for months and am now in a panic that it’s a BCC.  I have made an appointment with my GP but the waiting time for a dermatologist is crazy.  I had a BCC removed four years ago and feel so stupid for having ignored this spot on my back!

     It has now got a bit bigger and is itchy and bleeds at times! 
    The worry and anxiety is awful! 


    Life is what happens when you are making other plans!  
  • Yes it doesn’t get any easier unfortunately! I went to see about another potential BCC recently which turned out to be one but at the time also pointed out 5 other things which really I should have mentioned years ago but never thought much about until now and felt like a bit of an idiot but I just kind of explained that I’ve been getting myself a bit worked up lately and looking at things more closely. Ended up needing two more biopsies so I now have three wounds on my face and anxiously waiting to hear whether or not further surgery is required. Hopefully when the GP looks at your back you will get referred as soon as possible.