Basal cell on nose


I have a basal cell cancer on side of nose which should have been removed last week by local anaesthetic.

However I had a big panic attack in theatre and it couldn't be done.

I'm now waiting to have it done under sedation.

I'm really terrified of having this removed even under sedation. Has anyone else had skin cancer removed under sedation?

How do I calm my anxiety?

  • Morning puckettyboo. I have had 2 bcc's removed from my face recently under local.  I was terrified but the surgeon and his nurse were amazing.  I asked for sedation but said I couldn't have it as I may fall off the chair.  I don't know how I got through it, but they talked to me the whole time and I chatted to them.  Once the injections were done, they hurt a bit, but not much, I never felt a thing and it was over in about an hour or so. One was skin flap, the other skin graft.  I know exactly how you are feeling but just try and relax and think it will be all over soon.  As my hubby keeps telling me you were brave, but most of all the cancer has gone.  Funny thing is I was very emotional a few days after both of them, don't know why but kept crying for no reason, but am fine now.  A big ordeal for a 72 year old and never been in hospital before at all.  Keep in touch and here for you to ask me anything else you want to know.  This group was amazing for me and got me through the ordeal.  People don't realise how you feel until it happens to you.  Good Luck and keep in touch x

  • Than you for your reply. It sounds like you've been through a lot and I'm glad things are looking better for you now.

    I know I have to face this but my anxiety is through the roof. It's ridiculous. It's even causing nightmares.

    I'm having a normal excision with delayed reconstruction. Slow mohs surgery. The surgeon was lovely and gave me three choices.

    It was originally misdiagnosed as being of no concern.

    I just wish I could get this all consuming terror of the surgery under control

  • Hi again I have sent you a friend request, if you accept it I will reply in more detail for you and try and reassure you.  I totally understand as I was having nightmares too being in this big operating theatre and lots of staff and it was nothing like that.  Don't be ashamed of being anxious I think we all are. I will try and help you all I can. x

  • I am so sorry to hear the surgery had to be delayed - I am sure that won't have helped your anxiety.  Do you know what you are anxious about? Naming it might help.  I had a 5 cm micronodular BCC removed from my scalp in 4 rounds of Mohs and repaired with a skin rotation and flap - I was at the clinic for over 11 hours.  I bought some Bluetooth earbuds and listened to meditations on Insight Timer (an app) whilst the surgery was happening.  It worked a treat. The only painful bit is the injections, then you can't feel anything after that.

  • Hello Harlyn

    Thank You for your kind words and friend request.

    I'd love to take you up on that but at present am finding it impossible to log on for some reason (moderators have posted this for me).

    Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

    You've really been through it and I really Hope you are starting to pick up and feel better.

    Hopefully will be able to log on soon properly and we can have a decent conversation.

  • Hi phenom

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I really feel for you after reading your posts and hope your wounds are now starting to heal.

    I'm finding it impossible to log on at the moment (moderators have posted this for me) . That's why my replies are so late.

    Hope I can soon post properly 

  • Thank you for your reply.

    How are you getting on?

    My surgery under sedation is mid June so not long to go now.

    I'm having great difficulty logging on for some reason

  • Hi phenom

    Thank you for your reply. I'm having great difficulty logging on.

    In answer to your question. 

    I've always had an issue with noses so the thought of mine being operated on really fills me with panic and dread that's out of proportion to whats actually going to be done. I don't seem to be able to get in perspective 

  • Hello Harlyn

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    Hope you're recovering well 

  • Hi Im doin g ok thank you massaging ther scars and they seem to be getting better.  I will try and send you another friend request and see if it works,. Keep in touch xx