Only just been dignosied

Hi guys am new to this forum I was dignosed with vin and squamous cell carcinoma in my vulva awaiting my mri shud of been Tuesday but bloody meachine broke down so it’s now in the morning and then be a wait to see my consultant . I been so positive since finding out but today my head been all over the place thinking the absolute worse that I will be told am going to die I turn 40 in July and my son turns 18 in aug I have convinced my self I won’t get to see either anyone any copeing techniques 

  • Sorry to read this Bek.  I hav e had 2 basal cell cancers removed from my face recently one by skin flap and the other by skin graft.  I am unsure about your particular cancers, but please be re-assured that this group will help you all we can through your dark days.  I am sure you will be fine.  What treatment are they offering you, or have you to wait for results of MRI scan.  Good luck, keep in touch and never be afraid to contact us.  We are all here to help one another through this dark journey. x