Request for positive stories to give us hope

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I’m new here, my father was diagnosed on 1 May 24 with prostate cancer.

We are awaiting bone scan and a biopsy however a prostate MRI shows suspicious lymph node, seminal vessel spread, pushing against the bladder wall and several bone lesions in pelvis. 

Looking for anyone that is in a similar situation that can share their story of hope for us.

He started Bicalutamide 50g on 1st May and has his first hormone injection today. 

Any advice you can give would be so appreciated xx

  • Thanks Always Hope, you have definitely helped us with lots of Qs for the dr! x

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    I will throw my hat into the ring - all is going well after 29 months - treatment still ongoing. Just click on my avatar for the full story.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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