Hi. im new on here trying to find some answers to help my dad, he had stage 4 prostrate cancer which spread to his lymph nodes , he had 6 lots of chemo then 20 lots of radio. now 14 monts on he has problems during the night, he can go to toilet any from 5-15 or so times depending on the day. he went through treatment well, and all clear in seemed like no time.

he has had the camera recently to look inside his bladder but all ok. 

hes always tired and down his feet are swelled up and legs ache to, he also has the 3 monthly hormone injection, and also says his flow is ok. 

does anyone know or have experienced this kind of thing.

regards Craig

  • Hi Craig

    Have you been put in touch with the incontinence nursing service in your area?

    I found their help and support following Prostatectomy in Nov 2017, invaluable?

    It is not clear if your Dad has problems throughout the day? 

    Eventually I was equipped with what I found to answer my requirements and it is only recently that the disease has spread into my skeleton and somehow this has affected my continence through the night !

    I hope this is of some help.



  • Hi

    The toilet thing is very common, but can get a little easier over time. As a stage four I know how that feels. The swelling on the legs I would see your doctor as soon as you can, make sure nothing is happening. 
    Stay safe


  • Hi Craig

    I have also had the problem of my ankles and calves being swollen, also considered moving my bed to the bathroom at night I know how your dad feels.

    I went to see my GP who diagnosed Pedal Oedema, he gave me Water tablets to take ( I thought great like I need something to make me pee ) but I take them two times a day 8 am and 13:00 I go to the loo a lot during the day but since I have been taking them I have stopped going through the night and the swelling is improving also I would advise not having a hot drink after 18:00 this may help

    Wish you all the best


  • The tiredness could well be the hormones; that's quite common. But coupled with the swollen ankles, it may be a heart/circulation thing, or something else entirely. Worth getting it checked out.

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  • I have recepticle in bedroom, don’t want a fall  being sleepy....