New diagnosis

Hi just saying hello my husband diagnosed 2 days ago with T3 prostate going for further tests as the cancer has left the prostate get all results in 2 weeks they started him on hormone therapy big shock but reading through all comments feeling very positive 

  • Hello, good to know there are people out there, although sad others going through this.think not knowing least we know what we are up against.he has first radiotherapy in two weeks.thanks for your reply and good luck.Grin

  • Hi JSB, I was diagnosed in October after 12.6 PSA result from blood test. Had MRI and biopsy. Treatment was Prostap hormone injection every 3 months, and 20 radiotherapy treatments. Seemed like it was going to be a long drag but it went by very quickly, now completed and last PSA was 0.2. Had virtually no side effects from radiotherapy, I was very careful to do as instructed, empty bowel and full bladder during radiation treatment. Have no incontinence as a result, was just a bit tired after treatment, and loss in libido due to hormone therapy.

    Best regards, and wishes for a good outcome, Dougie

  • Hi

    Sorry for your bad news and yes this is a good place for answers, help and advice. Being positive is a very big plus, there will be some choices to make later as regards treatments, once you have all the information from tests, listen to what is being advised.

    If you’ve read about PC then you may know it’s one of the slowest growing cancers, so try not to rush any decision, keep in touch ask as many questions as you like, most of us have had an assortment of treatments, so hopefully we can tell you once the oncologist has finished doing the tests.

    We are not doctors but just like to help where we can.

    Stay safe


  • Thank you Dougie

  • It may help to note that if you are worried about BCR or biochemical recurrence and your PSA is doubling slowly that many people do not experience metastatic spread at all about half and an average of 8 years at least before it does . This however does not apply to a high PSA velocity eg doubling every 3 months or less . The lower your lowest or nadir PSA gets the better chance many years of quality Life is likely . The reason professionals are reluctant to make such statements as this is fear of litigation and falsely raising hopes as every cancer behaves in its own unique way so no one really knows only about 2/3% die of prostate cancer it being the second most curable after breast cancer out of 220 varieties with their own sub sets .