Update profile

Hi to all

As a good few people on here know, I’ve been giving help and advice to many sufferers and family members, I’ve just updated my profile, to let people know how I’am doing as I don’t really talk about myself the week to week stuff. 
Being married and the easiest going person you could meet, I have a good insight to people and how they feel, as my wife and carer knows of my ups and lots of downs, but I bounce back never let anything get me down. 
Anyway just finished rewriting my three books ( not published ) I find writing therapeutic, if any one wants a read I’ll send a link, pm me. 
So to all us fighters keep positive tomorrow there might be a cure, if not the day after.

Stay safe everyone 


  • Thanks Joe, I see your PSA is rising and you are on Enzalutamide now too. Writing books sounds like hard work, well done completing three. I too try to be positive but sometimes find that difficult. Your positivity is an inspiration. All the best.


  • Hi ido4

    You were on here before me, although not as bad in the diagnosis, but that to me means nothing, as we all do what we can to help people with advice and what to expect plus a few other things.

    I always find that family members write on here rather than the sufferer, with that I do as we all do to reassure them, that the best is being done on the odd occasion you just need to keep pushing.

    I’am a great lover of tv series likeHuman Target, Burn Notice, Bones, lucifer and my favourite one called Chuck with Zack Levi. Just one night I lay there and went through three chapters of how I wanted to write something the same ( I’am a terrible insomniac ) and it just flowed. I’am no professional but I’ve read them about seven plus times unusual for me as books are not my thing, but it was fun.

    Keep the good fight up.


  • Well done for writing 3 books Joe. An inspiration as usual. 


  • To you too, keep the positive mind as I'm a great believer that's what's kept me going