Dad has just been diagnosed

God afternoon my dad has just been told he has prostate cancer and that he has to start a course of hormone therapy tablets and a course of hormone injections whilst waiting to see the oncologist to see if he needs radiotherapy aswell I'm struggling to try and have the answers to all there questions as hes a fill time carer to my mum which naturally I will now be taking care of them aswell as my disabled husband and disabled son naturally my parents have questions I will need to answer so any advice would be amazing thankyou 

  • Hi Big, before you can be given meaningful advice some further information please, what is his PSA, Gleason score ect.

    But please don't let it worry you to much, thing's always look bad at the beginning, if you press the chair next to my name you can read my profile, it might help.

    Let us know when you have further information and we can continue this thread.

    All the best Ulls

  • Psa number is 26 hes just been told it's to advanced for surgery as it's no longer contained within the prostate it has spread hes been advised to start hormone tablets tomorrow with injections starting in 10 days and then some injections on a basis after that and radiotherapy in the hope of slowing the spread and then they can look at a longterm plan if there is one but my main concern is knowing how to help them both I'm not new to the cancer journey my 24 year old daughter had hodgkin's lymphoma 3 years ago and my mother in law had lung cancer 5 years ago both times we were left to deal with it with no support from anyone I'm a fulltime carer so was basically left to cope and I did but this time my dad seems more concerned how my mum will cope if anything happens to him I worry for both and will do everything i need to but just need some idea of what to expect as also have a son with autism so he understanding of things is different and I need to know what to tell him as wrong information will deverstate everyone and just want to keep things calm as possible all round 

  • Hes had biopsy bloods and pet scan 

  • Hi

    Have you had the results yet?

    Just because the cancer has spread doesn't mean that it's too bad. The HT will slow the cancers growth and bring down the PSA so don't stress over any apparant delays in starting further treatment.



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  • Thankyou for the information I guess like any cancer it's just a waiting game I'm just wondering how much it will effect his mental and physical health  as hes a full time carer like me 

  • Hi big, your nick name must relat to your heart, which sounds very big to me, you certainly have your hands full, I don't know if I could cope with all it all.

    Have you looked at my profile yet?

  • Arh thankyou I just do what I have to I just love to make everyone else's day a bit easier for them I did have a read of your profile and you have been through alot yourself and I really  appreciate you letting me read your journey it does help me understand abit more and naturally if my parents now need care because my father isnt well enough to do it I will find those extra few hours aday to do it they sont enough of there life providing my a safe secure loving home and now I will do it in there elderly years as anyone would 

  • Hi Big, I'm pleased you found my profile helpful, any time you want help with anything let me know and I'll try.

    All the best Ulls

  • Ah thankyou that's really kind of you and hope your journey continues to be a postive one

  • Big I’m so very saddened to hear of what you are dealing with. I honestly slid everything Macmillan are your first port of call. You need to look after you first. They will support you!

    love Louli